Women in Business: Follow Your Dreams

Heidi Solomon-Orlick 0:00 Businesses grow and thrive and, and make money. I might as well do it for my own business and and my husband’s business, you know? So yeah, after 33 years, I’m following my dreams. Anne Bibb 0:14 Welcome to Unexpected Journey, the show where each week top professionals share work wisdom and […]

The Transformative Power of Nature in Leadership Coaching

Chris Coladonato 0:01 Can’t we think about how we’re working. And that’s a part of well being, you know, well being isn’t just how I take care of myself. That’s a big part of it. But it’s also how we work. Anne Bibb 0:13 Welcome to unexpected journey, the show where each week top professionals […]

Bridging Equity Gaps with the Founder of Too Fly

This new episode of #UnexpectedJourneyPodcast will ignite your spark for being the change you wish to see in this world! Bridge those equity gaps with Bola Ibidapo! Bola is a Texas native and the proud daughter of two Nigerian immigrants. She is currently finishing her last year as a law student at the University of […]

Episode 5: Featuring Wiktor Doktór

Anne B 0:12 Welcome back to unexpected journey. Today we have Victor Doctor Who is the ce o, a pro Progressio, an organization focused on support of the outsourcing and modern business services industry. Welcome, Victor. Wiktor 0:28 Hi, Anne. It’s nice to be here. Anne B 0:30 I am so excited to talk to […]