My Story

Through my firm, Remote Evolution, and its subsidiary, CX Evolution, I have worked with organizations across numerous industries to implement successful employee experience, customer experience, and remote work strategies in over 30 countries, always keeping culture and total experience at the forefront. As a renowned expert in remote work and customer experience, I am passionate about using my skills in motivational speaking, moderating, keynote presenting, advising, and consulting to drive positive change in the remote, EX & CX industry.

My unique background allows me to be a thought leader in these areas, and I have the ability to see the bigger picture when it comes to employee experience (EX), user experience (UX), multi-channel experience (MX), and customer experience (CX) – all crucial elements that contribute to a holistic total experience (TX).

In addition to my extensive experience with webinars and in-person events, I also regularly advise outsourcers, major organizations, contact centers, and industry associations on the best practices for remote and hybrid work, sales, customer success, onboarding, and service delivery, all with a focus on maximizing employee and customer experience.

Outside of work, I reside in Texas with my husband and several dogs. Although my four adult children have moved out, I remain actively involved in supporting them and their communities. I am especially dedicated to mentoring women into leadership positions and supporting my LGBTQ+ and autism spectrum adult children.

An organization's culture is the foundation of each relationship, from executive levels down to the customer.

My Mission

My mission is to help companies create inclusive and enthusiastic cultures that are flexible and open to change. I believe that every organization and individual should embrace change and that employees should be given the opportunity to choose where they will be the most successful. I also recognize that the employee experience and customer experience are closely connected and that by prioritizing both, companies can achieve greater success. Through my work, I aim to support organizations in achieving these goals.

I have worked remotely for over 20 years and have a deep understanding of what it takes to embrace changes and create an exhilarating culture that leads to success internally and throughout the customer journey. I have experienced the challenges and benefits of remote work from all sides and am well-equipped to help organizations implement the necessary changes to thrive.