The Creative Strategies You Need for Purpose-Driven Change

Catharine Montgomery 0:00 When it comes to communications, you have to realize that every article every post you make every event you host is helping make that change that you’re looking to seek. Anne Bibb 0:10 Welcome to Unexpected Journey, the show where each week top professionals share work wisdom and life lessons about their […]

Innovation & Strategy Surrounding the Customer Experience

Paula Kennedy 0:00 People will buy into change and buy into innovation faster when they see their role in that outcome and they have a voice and they contribute to it. Anne Bibb 0:08 Welcome to unexpected journey, the show where each week top professionals share work wisdom and life lessons about their careers and […]

Data-Driven Outsourcing: Revolutionizing Customer Service

Wayne Worthington 0:00 All right, the swim coach had said that there’s no such thing as luck. But luck is when preparation meets opportunity. And so if I can increase these variables of preparation, and opportunity, they result in higher frequency of things that we call luck. Anne Bibb 0:14 Welcome to Unexpected Journey, the […]

How To Scale Your EX as a Startup

As a startup grows, prioritizing employee experience (EX) becomes crucial to establish a work environment that fosters engagement, drives business growth and enhances the customer experience (CX). However, many companies require assistance to improve their EX, which can lead to low morale, high turnover rates and disengaged employees.   According to Gallup’s 2022 State of […]

Revealing the Magic Behind Media: What You Don’t Know About Software & Data!

Carol Hanley 0:00 You as an individual are much more robust, if you will, because when, when we only know what what is in our four walls, we’re kind of limited in our thought process. And we’re, that limitation I think drives decisions that limit us. So I think culturally, television and streaming opens up […]

Episode 5: Featuring Wiktor Doktór

Anne B 0:12 Welcome back to unexpected journey. Today we have Victor Doctor Who is the ce o, a pro Progressio, an organization focused on support of the outsourcing and modern business services industry. Welcome, Victor. Wiktor 0:28 Hi, Anne. It’s nice to be here. Anne B 0:30 I am so excited to talk to […]

Episode 4: Featuring John Riordan, “The Godfather of Remote”

Anne B 0:15 Welcome to unexpected journey and this week we have John Reardon. John is the chairman of grow remote he is based out of Cork, Ireland. He’s recently retired as the director of support for Shopify, and has served as the chairman of Shopify International. Now, John has spent a lot of his […]