Workplace Health – Expert Advice and Tips

Mika Cross 5:00 I pinned on the great rank of captain in ’03 and finished my master’s degree. And, you know, raised my daughter for about a year. I did make the really hard decision to resign my commission, but continue to serve Uncle Sam and the US federal government as a uniform. And so […]

Reducing Work Friction to Improve #EmployeeExperience

Christophe Martel 0:00 The problem with CX is that everyone owns it between marketing sales service and therefore no one owns it. Because it’s everyone’s job and it’s it’s kind of gets lost in the middle. Anne B 0:12 Welcome to Unexpected Journey. This week’s guests it’s Christophe Martel. Christophe went from being a geophysicist […]

Remote Works : Managing for Freedom, Flexibility & Focus

Ali The aspect of how you’re doing the communication, what tool you’re using. And then the there’s an aspect of is the communication intentional? And is it purposeful for you no moving work along. Welcome to Unexpected Journey, Season Two. I’m your host, Anne Bibb. Today we have Alli Greene. She’s the co- author of […]

Mastering Resilience: Life & Leadership

I want to leave the legacy. I want to write my own stories, especially my mom and dad, and to inspire other people to read it down, because everyone’s story is worth spreading. Welcome to Unexpected Journey Season Two. I’m your host, and then welcome Lucy Chen to the show today. Lucy is a certified […]

Why Is BPO Such a Hot Topic?

Organizations continually seek strategies to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. One strategy that has gained immense traction in recent years is Business Process Outsourcing or BPO. Outsourcing involves contracting specific business tasks or processes to third-party service providers, allowing organizations to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise and resources of […]

#AI, #ChatGPT, & #BPO: What’s next?

When will #AI catch up? Explore Matt Kendall’s new episode! ✍️ Matt started providing ghostwriting services as “Cognitive Copy” for the #BPO, #ITO, and #CX industries in 2018. Before that, he spent three years analyzing BPO trends in the American Nearshore and two years reporting on the telecom, IT, and automotive sectors in Mexico and […]

Achieve Success in a Workplace NOT Designed for YOU

Eugina Jordan 0:00 If we don’t fight microaggressions now, when we have the power-when we are in a position of power, then the generation that comes after us still going to experience them. So yes, ladies, it is hard, but someone has to do it. Anne B 0:18 Welcome to Unexpected Journey Season Two. I’m […]

Change Enthusiasts: Strategy Consulting for Transformational Leaders

Amy Horner 0:00 When you’re playing a sport or when you’re taking a leadership role or when you’re doing something like a change agent where there might be more arrows aimed at your back, they realize the most important person to believe in you is yourself. Anne B 0:14 Welcome to Unexpected Journey Season Two. […]

AI-Powered Customer Experience

Serena Riley 0:00 I am a huge advocate for the idea that if we remove roadblocks and challenges from our internal folks, if they feel gratitude and appreciated for the roles that they’re in and what they’re accomplishing, that they will absolutely serve our customers better. Anne B 0:39 Welcome, Serena, so glad to have […]

What’s Next for Fractional, Blockchain, & B2B Businesses

Shelli Ryan 0:00 If the leadership team and if those that from which they, like the operational team are working together to make something happen, and you know that you can trust that person, and when you call, they’ll pick up your phone, that that is worth its weight in gold, especially when the world […]