When will #AI catch up?

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✍️ Matt started providing ghostwriting services as “Cognitive Copy” for the #BPO, #ITO, and #CX industries in 2018. Before that, he spent three years analyzing BPO trends in the American Nearshore and two years reporting on the telecom, IT, and automotive sectors in Mexico and Central America.

📝 Through @CognitiveCopy’s new subscription model, Matt offers BPOs unlimited access to experienced, knowledgeable writing services whenever needed. Matt also curates @BPOBullhorn, a free weekly #newsletter that delivers BPO-related news, analysis, commentary, events, books, podcasts, and more to your inbox.

Contact Matt Kendall Twitter Work:   / cognitivecopy  

LinkedIn Personal:   / cognitivematt  

LinkedIn Work:   / cognitive-copy  

BPO Bullhorn Sign-up Page: https://www.cognitivecopy.com/newsletter

BPO Bullhorn LinkedIn Page:   / bpo-bullhorn  

Cognitive Copy website: https://www.cognitivecopy.com/


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