Workplace Health – Expert Advice and Tips

Mika Cross 5:00 I pinned on the great rank of captain in ’03 and finished my master’s degree. And, you know, raised my daughter for about a year. I did make the really hard decision to resign my commission, but continue to serve Uncle Sam and the US federal government as a uniform. And so […]

Remote Works : Managing for Freedom, Flexibility & Focus

Ali The aspect of how you’re doing the communication, what tool you’re using. And then the there’s an aspect of is the communication intentional? And is it purposeful for you no moving work along. Welcome to Unexpected Journey, Season Two. I’m your host, Anne Bibb. Today we have Alli Greene. She’s the co- author of […]

The Transformative Power of Nature in Leadership Coaching

Chris Coladonato 0:01 Can’t we think about how we’re working. And that’s a part of well being, you know, well being isn’t just how I take care of myself. That’s a big part of it. But it’s also how we work. Anne Bibb 0:13 Welcome to unexpected journey, the show where each week top professionals […]

How To Rock Remote Work & Network Like a Boss

Hailley Griffis 0:00 for five, six years ago, it was always communication and collaboration, communication and collaboration. It’s a problem for us. And it’s interesting because over the last two years, communication collaboration hasn’t been in the top spots for biggest struggles anymore. Anne Bibb 0:16 Welcome to unexpected journey, the show where each week […]

Tammy Bjelland with Remote, Hybrid, & Asynch Skills You Need to Know

Tammy Bjelland 0:00 The reason that hybrid is harder because you’re having to consider the experiences of multiple situations and not just one homogenous type of situation, which we’ve all been conditioned to expect in a work environment or even an educational environment. Anne Bibb 0:18 Welcome to Unexpected Journey, the show where each week […]

Ep. 11: Overcoming Distance Bias with Sacha Connor

Anne Bibb 0:00 Welcome back to Unexpected Journey. This week we have Sasha Connor. She’s the CEO of Virtual Work Insider, a consultancy, that provides thought leadership and training on how to lead, communicate, collaborate and build culture on hybrid and remote teams a very needed thing in today’s world. Welcome, Sacha. Sacha Connor 0:20 […]