Reducing Work Friction to Improve #EmployeeExperience

Christophe Martel 0:00 The problem with CX is that everyone owns it between marketing sales service and therefore no one owns it. Because it’s everyone’s job and it’s it’s kind of gets lost in the middle. Anne B 0:12 Welcome to Unexpected Journey. This week’s guests it’s Christophe Martel. Christophe went from being a geophysicist […]

Fractional Leadership: A Revolution in Modern Workplaces

Traditional leadership business models can encounter daily hurdles that require adaptability, agility, and expertise across diverse domains. Welcome to the era of fractional leadership, a concept gaining momentum in the corporate world and highlighted on Shelli Ryan’s episode of Unexpected Journey Podcast. Fractional leaders and seasoned professionals offer their leadership skills and experience to organizations […]

How To Scale Your EX as a Startup

As a startup grows, prioritizing employee experience (EX) becomes crucial to establish a work environment that fosters engagement, drives business growth and enhances the customer experience (CX). However, many companies require assistance to improve their EX, which can lead to low morale, high turnover rates and disengaged employees.   According to Gallup’s 2022 State of […]