Why Is BPO Such a Hot Topic?

Organizations continually seek strategies to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. One strategy that has gained immense traction in recent years is Business Process Outsourcing or BPO. Outsourcing involves contracting specific business tasks or processes to third-party service providers, allowing organizations to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise and resources of […]

Fractional Leadership: A Revolution in Modern Workplaces

Traditional leadership business models can encounter daily hurdles that require adaptability, agility, and expertise across diverse domains. Welcome to the era of fractional leadership, a concept gaining momentum in the corporate world and highlighted on Shelli Ryan’s episode of Unexpected Journey Podcast. Fractional leaders and seasoned professionals offer their leadership skills and experience to organizations […]

The Rise of Online Marketplace Platforms

On the last Unexpected Journey Podcast, we heard the intriguing story of Ray Preston, VP of Sales at Flippa. Ray leads an extraordinary team of M&A professionals with a singular goal in mind: to match high-quality digital business owners with acquisition-fit buyers. But what exactly is this newer way of buying and selling businesses?   […]

We’re Obsessed with Customer Obsession

In today’s competitive business landscape, achieving and maintaining customer loyalty is a top priority for companies of all sizes and industries.   To excel in this pursuit, an emerging trend is taking the business world by storm – the customer obsession. This philosophy goes beyond traditional customer service and places the customer at the center […]

How To Scale Your EX as a Startup

As a startup grows, prioritizing employee experience (EX) becomes crucial to establish a work environment that fosters engagement, drives business growth and enhances the customer experience (CX). However, many companies require assistance to improve their EX, which can lead to low morale, high turnover rates and disengaged employees.   According to Gallup’s 2022 State of […]

Addressing Inequity in the Hybrid Workplace

Did you recently, in the last few years, move your company over to a hybrid model? If so, then you may have noticed a plethora of benefits. As this HubSpot article noted, multiple studies and surveys have found that the hybrid working model and allowing employees flexibility regarding where and when they work can benefit employees and […]

Customer Success, Account Management, Professional Services, and Sales: Disentangling the Roles and Uncovering Their Strategic Importance

In the ever-changing business landscape, understanding the distinctions and interconnections among Customer Success, Account Management, Professional Services, and Sales is vital for fostering robust client relationships and driving business growth. This LinkedIn blog post delves into these four pivotal roles highlighting their differences, synergies, and strategic importance to an organization, along with insights from industry […]

Changing the Assumptions Around South Africa

In November, I attended the BPESA GBS Investor Conference in South Africa. BPESA (aka, Business Process Enabling South Africa) is doing some amazing work. This not-for-profit promotes South Africa as the new go-to place for offshoring business processes, spurring foreign investment in the country’s global business services sector. In addition to celebrating South Africa’s status as a […]

Undercover Burnout: Are You Ignoring the Signs Until It’s Too Late?

Burnout is a big issue that business leaders can’t afford to ignore. In 2022, a McKinsey Health Institute survey found that nearly a third of U.S. workers report burnout symptoms sometimes, often, or always, while more than a third report experiencing moderate distress symptoms — symptoms that impact employee engagement and workplace performance.   It’s easy to […]