Impactful Solutions with @Google’s Global Transformation Exec.

Teena Piccione 0:00 When people see a vision, they’re going to run to it every time when people see that you can do something than have an outcome, they’re going to run to it, because they want to make sure that what they’re doing has an impact. Anne Bibb Welcome to Unexpected Journey, the show […]

Data-Driven Outsourcing: Revolutionizing Customer Service

Wayne Worthington 0:00 All right, the swim coach had said that there’s no such thing as luck. But luck is when preparation meets opportunity. And so if I can increase these variables of preparation, and opportunity, they result in higher frequency of things that we call luck. Anne Bibb 0:14 Welcome to Unexpected Journey, the […]

Overcoming Biases To Create Your Own Niche

Ly Tran 0:00 Finding a point of personal connection to consumers. So brands always come to us and, you know, they they know themselves inside out, but they don’t really know their consumers. So we really like to let a collective you’re gonna hear some pawns but really put ourselves in our potential audience’s shoes […]

How To Rock Remote Work & Network Like a Boss

Hailley Griffis 0:00 for five, six years ago, it was always communication and collaboration, communication and collaboration. It’s a problem for us. And it’s interesting because over the last two years, communication collaboration hasn’t been in the top spots for biggest struggles anymore. Anne Bibb 0:16 Welcome to unexpected journey, the show where each week […]

Episode 10: Featuring Heidi Solomon-Orlick, Founder & CEO of GirlzWhoSell

Anne Bibb Welcome back to Unexpected Journey, and Happy International Women’s Day. Today we have Heidi who is the Senior Vice President at Arise. She’s also the founder and CEO of GirlzwhoSell and the Author of Heels to Deals ( she is just all around women empowerment. Welcome, Heidi, Heidi Solomon-Orlick thank you so much […]