Superior Client Success

Kristi Faltorusso 0:00 So many things about your business are unique. And if you’re not taking time to design your program with the customer at the forefront, you’re going to miss the entire intent of the business. Anne Bibb 0:10 Welcome to Unexpected Journey, the show where each week top professionals share work wisdom and […]

Innovation & Strategy Surrounding the Customer Experience

Paula Kennedy 0:00 People will buy into change and buy into innovation faster when they see their role in that outcome and they have a voice and they contribute to it. Anne Bibb 0:08 Welcome to unexpected journey, the show where each week top professionals share work wisdom and life lessons about their careers and […]

Data-Driven Outsourcing: Revolutionizing Customer Service

Wayne Worthington 0:00 All right, the swim coach had said that there’s no such thing as luck. But luck is when preparation meets opportunity. And so if I can increase these variables of preparation, and opportunity, they result in higher frequency of things that we call luck. Anne Bibb 0:14 Welcome to Unexpected Journey, the […]

Overcoming Biases To Create Your Own Niche

Ly Tran 0:00 Finding a point of personal connection to consumers. So brands always come to us and, you know, they they know themselves inside out, but they don’t really know their consumers. So we really like to let a collective you’re gonna hear some pawns but really put ourselves in our potential audience’s shoes […]

How To Rock Remote Work & Network Like a Boss

Hailley Griffis 0:00 for five, six years ago, it was always communication and collaboration, communication and collaboration. It’s a problem for us. And it’s interesting because over the last two years, communication collaboration hasn’t been in the top spots for biggest struggles anymore. Anne Bibb 0:16 Welcome to unexpected journey, the show where each week […]

Tammy Bjelland with Remote, Hybrid, & Asynch Skills You Need to Know

Tammy Bjelland 0:00 The reason that hybrid is harder because you’re having to consider the experiences of multiple situations and not just one homogenous type of situation, which we’ve all been conditioned to expect in a work environment or even an educational environment. Anne Bibb 0:18 Welcome to Unexpected Journey, the show where each week […]

Ep 14: Ashly Herd, AKA Manager Method

Ashley Herd 0:00 So the employee experience is really what lives and breathes it. It has truly very little to do with, say the values on the wall or the values in your handbook. It’s it’s those those side comments in that feeling when employees are in their best moments in their toughest moments, if […]

Ep 12: Jeff Sheehan, CX Advisor & Consultant

Anne Bibb 0:00 Welcome back to unexpected journey. This week, we have Jeff Sheehan. You know, we have been in the CX world together for quite a while. But I’ve only talked like two or three times, which is wild to me how in this world today we can be and interact and be around […]