One of the Top 25 Women Cybersecurity Leaders Breaks Down the Risks

Erin Murtha 0:00 Just because the way that we have evolved in software and how those integrates into our networks is completely changed the attack surface for cybersecurity. Anne Bibb 0:13 Welcome back to Unexpected Journey. And today we are joined by Erin Murtha. Welcome, Erin. Erin Murtha 0:19 Hi. Thank you for having me. […]

Revealing the Magic Behind Media: What You Don’t Know About Software & Data!

Carol Hanley 0:00 You as an individual are much more robust, if you will, because when, when we only know what what is in our four walls, we’re kind of limited in our thought process. And we’re, that limitation I think drives decisions that limit us. So I think culturally, television and streaming opens up […]