Recording Prep

We are very excited about your upcoming recording for Unexpected Journey™!

To make you feel more comfortable and ready for our interview – we wanted to share a few things that might be useful to know before we start recording.
Before the interview:
  • Please remember to be somewhere quiet. We recommend closing windows and doors and silencing all alerts, notification noises, and distractions from your computer, phone, and surrounding area as best as possible.
  • Please be in a good acoustic area with soft textiles to ensure no echo. I’m talking pillows, blankets, rugs, curtains, and clothes (Anne has curtains up on her walls!)
  • Please make sure you have good front-facing lighting, as this will be a video interview. If you don’t have a lamp to put in front of you, We encourage a ring light, they are not expensive, and you can get one on Amazon. We have put some links below if you need help finding one.
  • Just as a reminder – this will be a video interview. The audio will become a podcast episode, and the video will be used on YouTube.
Make sure you have:
This is an audio and video podcast. Most people already have these things, but if you need to get something new – here are a few recommendations that work well in our opinion-
NOTE: We receive commissions through items purchased through the above links.
During the interview: Format: video & audio | Recording Scheduled: 90 minutes on average.
  1. Recording is scheduled for 90 minutes.
  2. Recording starts when you enter the room and averages 75 minutes. (Some have gone the full 90 minutes!)
  3. The actual podcast is edited down to around 30-35 minutes, but we do use the extra for promos and special features – so don’t hold back!
  4. The first 5-10 minutes will be brief chit-chat, getting as equal lighting as possible, checking audio quality, and ensuring notifications/alerts are silenced. Poor sound quality or lighting may result in a cancellation or rescheduling of your interview.
  5. Then, Anne will quickly introduce the episode by reading your bio to welcome you to the show.
  6. After that, we’ll start our conversation based on the topics we discussed in our prep conversation – we may go off-topic! It happens frequently.
  7. This podcast is intended to be conversational, but if Anne will let you talk if you are on a roll on a topic.
  8. Remember that this is a recorded and edited podcast – if you mess up – it’s ok! Just say, “I’m going to do that again:” we’ll edit that out, so just be yourself!
  9. We do play this or that; sometimes it is in the episode, sometimes it is pulled for time – but it is always aired!
  10. If you want something special recorded as a “Special Feature,” please come prepared and let Anne know at the beginning so we can do that.
  11. If you have any visuals that you want to show in the podcast, please send those to me and copy so we have them.
  12. If you need to insert your bio and headshot into your template form or have yet to receive access to your Topic Sheet, please email so we can ensure you have that.
  13. I’ll wrap it up by asking you how our listeners can find you.
  14. Once a LIVE date is chosen and all promo material is available, you will be contacted again with the details!

Release Form:

Please ensure you have completed all release forms before the recording date. This would have come from PandaDoc. If you have not received it, please contact so we can check on this.

This is a Stream Yard web session that will be recorded. Your recording link will be sent in the calendar link sent to you at least one week before the session. You can test your ability to access that link as soon as you receive it.
We are thrilled you have come on this journey with us; if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Anne Bibb & The Unexpected Journey™ Team